Bamboo Scrub
For Legs, Feet and Hands

Gehwol’s new Bamboo Scrub has been formulated to smooth the skin of the legs, feet, and hands resulting in the discovery of the underlying fresh new skin. The unique product composition allows a coarser exfoliation

Initially thanks to the sugar and bamboo, which reduces to a gentle action as the sugar dissolves. Green pearls of Jojoba wax enhance the exfoliating action as they soften and are absorbed into the skin.

This ensures a highly effective treatment which successfully targets dry skin and caringly treats the newly exposed skin.

Use as part of any Foot Service and weekly at home on a moist skin or with moistened fingertips.

Massage thoroughly until green pearls are absorbed then rinse excess away. Skin is beautifully prepared to receive Gehwol Leg Balm and Gehwol foot or hand care cream of choice.

Suitable for most skin types, but a reduced exfoliating time is recommended for fine and sensitive skins. Ideal to use alongside the Foot Bath, Herbal Bath and Rosemary Bath Salts.

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