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Gehwol Image“Gehwol is the global specialist for footcare providers” who appreciate it’s custom made solutions for all areas of foot care and feet problems. From the synergies which have been created in the past and present in the fields of “Preparations” and “Technology” and from our experience and Gehwol innovations. Gehwol Drills and Equipment designed in consultation with Podiatrists and featuring European styling and technology, Gerlach Drills boast ergonomic design features, making them easy to use and maintain, and suited to the daily demands of nail and foot care work. Drill choice includes models for the solo operator through to the larger salons, spas and podiatry clinics; each drill boasting varying features.

The Fusskraft or FOOT POWER range is used exclusively in Podiatry

Fusskraft products have been formulated for sole use and retail prescription by specialist Podiatrists. More concentrated than the Fusspflege range, these select products offer exceptional care and attention to persistent and difficult foot conditions. They are easy to use and maintain the trademark quality of Gehwol from the ingredients in the creams themselves to the fresh and pleasant fragrances. In addition to and complimentary to the Fusskraft range are the extensive assortment of plasters, which offer protection for the feet whilst in shoes and when under pressure.

Gehwol Podiatry Clinics offer treatments that are enhanced with significantly better results due to the use and prescription of the Gehwol Fusskraft range.

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Gehwol Products (Exclusively for Podiatrists)

Blue Cream | Mint Cream | Green Cream | Red Cream

The Fussflege or “Foot Maintenance” range – Podiatry & Beauty Therapy

Gehwol Fussflege products offer a comprehensive selection of treatments and products for daily use. Based on natural ingredients and essential oils, Gehwol Maintenance products are individually formulated to treat many specific foot and skin conditions. The easy to use products offer instant sensations to the feet as well as pleasant fragrances and highly effective formulas. Products may be used individually, however results are enhanced by using the Gehwol Prescription Key System to identify and partner Foot Maintenance products to achieve the best results.

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Gehwol Products (for Beauty Therapists & Podiatrists)

Herbal Bath |  Foot Bath | Rosemary Bath Salts | Bambbo Scrub | Foot Deodrant Spray | Foot Deodrant Cream | Foot Balm | Leg Vitality | Leg Balm | Refreshing Balm | Warming Balm | Hydro Lipid Lotion | Lipidro Cream  | Cracked Skin Salve | Gehwol Foot Cream | Gehwol Extra | Gerlan Nail Care | Nail Softner |

Gehwol Triton Gehwol Triton Drill CaseGehwol Sirus DrillGehwol Chair

Gehwol Equipment (for Beauty Therapists & Podiatrists)

Triton Drill | Saturn Drill | Puck Micro | Saturn Drill | Luna Drill | Sirus Drill

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