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The spa spirit… Terraké offers an extremely broad palette of spa rituals in order to meet everyones wishes in terms of spa treatments. The Terraké beauty treatment range is original in that it offers a dual approach:

•Through the world: Each of the rituals allows you to experience a real sensorial journey revealing perfect harmony of sensual pleasures and total letting go of your mind and spirit.

•Through the beauty segment: Each ritual is an integral part of a beauty promise and draws it’s effectiveness from the forces of the earth.

・Terra Magica ・ Primordial Waters ・ Of Air and Light

・ Luxuriant Plant Life are four perfect sensorial worlds

to create the purest sensations.

The massages are an exquisite surprise with each of the four worlds offering it’s own unique version, bare hands and original tools come together to draw you into a deep relaxation, accompanied by the feeling of being immersed in intimate contact with the elements.

Terraké ritual is a total experience, a moment in which all the elements of the treatment are united in perfect harmony: fragrances, rare and precious ingredients, textures, flavours and techniques.

Terraké, luxurious and perfect for 6 Star destination and hotel spas.