Welcome to the Era of Sustainable Beauty…A natural brand from the beginning, Thalgo has always worked to protect the Earth’s resources. Since 2007, Thalgo have been committed to Sustainable Development. Thalgo is an Eco-Citizen with an Eco-Designed range. The natural formulas are certified organic by Ecocert and comply with the Cosmebio charter. The boxes and leaflets are printed with plant based inks and are made of cardboard with FSC* labels from sustainable managed forests. As for the future, it is with these eco-citizen values in mind that Thalgo offers you this excellent NEW organic range.

terre & mer by Thalgo
A tribute to the Mediterranean.
A concentrate of efficacy: essential oils, olive leaf and olive oil and micronised marine algae.
A genuinely natural veil for your skin.
A new beauty ritual: Activate your skincare cream with our essential oil concentrates.
A comprehensive range: 8x retail products to offer the skin a protective natural environment and 12x professional products to create an organic universe in salon or spa.