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Demand excellence for your success Strategy … Discover the treasures of marine beauty care… A true invitation, the sea has been our inspiration for 45 years Thalgo passionately explores its richness to create authentic and effective beauty products and high-performance, sensorial treatment rituals. Thalgo’s excellencies can be discovered in the most prestigious spas, thalassotherapy, and skin expert centres. Experience award winning anti-aging skin care and experience escapism, far away from stress and the hustle and bustle of the world around you.

Thalgo Face Programmes
After Thalgo face consultation step into a cocoon of wellbeing and experience award winning anti-aging treatments and Dare to defy time!
All Thalgo facials begin with marine immersion, ‘discovery of the sea massage’ to soothe away tensions and restore your sense of well-being. Our objective is to bring pleasure and beauty, in accordance with principles of protection and precaution necessary for our future. Our Thalgo skin expert treatments head on towards Medi-cosmetic care, an innovative and progressive concept, using Meso firming or controlled Microdermabrasion and Photo-Energy to enhance the effectiveness of Thalgo products. There is a Thalgo skincare treatment and home care programme for every skin type and condition.

Thalgo Facials

Micro-Dermabrasion with Thalgo Skin Expert Programme – Skin light treatmentSkin Brightening Clear Expert ProgrammeThalgo Energilift & Exceptional Facial Programme – a natural alternative to surgeryThalgo Anti-Ageing FacialsThalgo Anti-Ageing EyesThalgo Ocean Facial for MENThalgo Micronised Marine Algae for Oily Skins | Thalgo Sensitive Skin FacialThalgo Extreme Comfort for Dry SkinsThalgo OxygenThalgo Absoulte Hydration | Thalgo Eye & Lip Care

Thalgo Spa and Body Programmes

Thalgo Polynesia 3 - resizedThalgo《 thalassotherapy 》sea water centers are located on a special site next to the sea and combine under medical surveillance programmes for preventative and restoration purposes using the marine climate sea water, waves, algae, sand and other substances from the sea. Thalgo destination spas are located globally in prestige 5 star hotels and resorts and you will find Thalgo day spas for relaxation and specific body programmes throughout major cities. Thalgo Body Programmes commence with consultation and Modelage de la Mer, a unique Thalgo Welcome Body Massage with a focus on breathing to relax and re-energise. Spa rituals include a 2 hour Indoceane relaxation journey, a 2 hour ocean memory invigorating program me for tired women. An exotic Polynesia journey with fragrant massage. An extensive selection of micronised marine algae preparations and wraps to remineralise and refresh the body, frigi-Thalgo for hot tired, swollen legs and Thalgo LC24 silhouette refining programme to assist the reduction of hard fat and soft cellulite, smoothing and improving the beauty of the skin. Thalgo supplies Medical Practitioners in thalassotherapy and appearance medicine centres, Beauty Therapists and Spa Technicians.

Thalgo MEN

Energising skin care for men. Let Thalgo take you towards new horizons. The sea is a source of vitality, freshness and well-being, and for man it is primarily a source of strength and energy. Thalgo now fulfills all the essential needs of men’s skin with a range of skincare products based on the energizing virtues of a blue algae.


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