Cracked Skin Salve
A wonderful, highly effective formula for the treatment of dry and very dry skin that has become thickened possibly cracked and inevitably callused. Comprising a base of skin complimenting fats and a special medicated soap, Cracked Skin Salve offers maximum nourishment to deprived dry skin. Combined with the essential oils, Panthenol and Bisabolol, this product with regular use, effectively softens hardened skin to not only improve the appearance and condition of the skin, but also the comfort of the skin.

A key product in the range, the Cracked Skin Salve is impressive both in formula and more importantly in the results it achieves for all users. Upon application dry skin feels instant relief and nourishment and the elasticity of the skin can be improved with consistent use. So effective is the formula, that it is also recommended for use on the hands, elbows, knees and lips. A superb and versatile product for the solution of dry skin problems!

In the most severe cases of dry skin, apply Cracked Skin Salve as a “mask”. Firstly apply and massage the effective area, then cover the area in a thick layer, cover with cotton sock or glove and leave to treat the skin overnight. Best applied in conjunction with Lipidro Cream or Foot Balm and must be used in conjunction with Foot Bath and Pedi Paddle or Sponge for Hard Skin for maximum results.

Caution: This product can cause the feet to be very slippery after application. Extreme care must be taken to remove any excess if necessary. Do not apply to open wounds.