Foot Bath
For the Feet only

Invigorating, refreshing and revitalising for the care of all foot conditions. Slightly alkaline, the Foot Bath’s caring ingredients help to restore the natural moisture balance of the skin, yet also deeply cleanse in the fight against foot perspiration.

When mixed in water the immediate softness of the water is evident and provides relief to the pain and discomfort of very dry skin. The natural oils in the Foot Bath not only clean and relieve the skin and foot of discomfort, but also work to perfectly prepare the skin for the application of any Gehwol Foot Maintenance cream.

Gehwol Foot Bath is essential homecare for recurring, and established foot and skin problems, as well as for general use, because it significantly improves the effectiveness of all Gehwol products.

A very interesting feature of this product is that the skin does not become wrinkly and shriveled from soaking for the recommended 10-15 minute duration under normal circumstances. This ensures the skin can be treated more effectively during a Gehwol procedure.

*Important: For very dry and thickened skin problems use double the amount of product recommended to ensure treatment results for the skin of these problem feet.