Foot Deodrant Cream
A true soldier in the fight against foot odour.

Foot Deodorant Cream contains NZ grown Manuka oil, which boasts renowned anti bacterial properties. Zinc Oxide is often used in sensitive skin formulas and provides the skin caring element in this product.

These ingredients team together to effectively discourage and help eliminate the nastiest foot odour problems. Freshness experienced when using the Foot Deodorant Cream makes it great to use in closed shoes and of course sport shoes to help support better foot condition at the end of the day and post exercise.

Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis) and Jojoba oil offer the skin gentle hydration and help support the skin’s everyday function by providing a balance between the fight against foot odour and the need to care for the skin.

Foot Deodorant Cream forms the perfect partnership with Gehwol Foot Deodorant Spray for everyday foot hygiene. Can be used in conjunction with any other Gehwol cream where other foot conditions such as dryness exist. Apply Foot Deodorant Cream after the other Gehwol cream.

A must for summer and for children’s feet that endure wearing the same school shoes day in and day out!