Foot Deodrant Spray
A great everyday, everybody family Gehwol product!

Foot Deodorant spray is an easy to use product that is misted over and under the feet after application of any Gehwol Cream to positively start everyday, and before exercise.

Helps to refresh, and invigorate the feet and acts as a long lasting deodorant. Great for people who are on their feet all day as it helps guard against the aching tiredness that can envelope the feet during the day.

The known properties and benefits of the natural ingredients within the Gehwol Deodorant Spray may also help disinfect the feet and may also effectively discourage fungal infections, especially when used every day.

Used in partnership with any Gehwol cream and especially those for dry skin, Deodorant Spray can help soften and prevent calluses, so is a powerful maintenance product.

It is ideally to be used alongside any Gehwol foot cream(s) to maximise their effectiveness in keeping the feet fresh and deodorised throughout everyday. Great to use at the gym and at work.

This very versatile Gehwol product is easy to use and especially appreciated and enjoyed by men and children, and all those who love the convenience of a pump spray!