Gerlan Nail Care
Essential for all the family.

A beautiful fine, high quality oil formulation, that targets the nails and cuticles to effectively nourish and care for them.

Regular use of Gerlan Nail Care ensures the nails have all the nourishment required for improved appearance and better nail health.

It also helps nails recover from dryness, chipping and breaking problems.

Gerlan Nail Care is easy to apply and should be massaged into the nails and cuticles with special attention to problem areas. Ideally applied at least once or twice a day, Gerlan Nail Care is so easy to use. It is great to keep at your desk for after washing hands to guard against dryness.

For those who have difficulty growing nails and keeping them long, Gerlan Nail Care is essential to your nail care routine, and can assist and promote nail growth.

Thickened cuticles and dry, scruffy hangnails can be greatly improved with regular use of Gerlan Nail Care and the appearance of the feet and hands can be enhanced overall.

May even be applied when nails are polished, and is especially important to use if hands are regularly washed or aggressed by chemicals and detergents.


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