Green Cream
Containing ingredients with known properties in assisting with disinfecting, and even possible discouragement of fungal infections, the Green cream offers excellent skin maintenance with emphasis on perspiration normalisation and prevention of skin irritations such as itching.

The light texture makes it quick and easy to use and is well absorbed into the skin. Daily use of Fusskraft Green aims to ensure feet are fresh, odourless and that the skin is smooth.

The natural essential oils of Lavender and Rosemary soothe and comfort the skin as well as encourage circulation, encouraging a balance for the skin. In addition, revitalising camphor and cooling menthol help give Green its pleasant fragrance and the feeling of freshness. Itching is relieved and discouraged throughout the day.

Another good cream for older children whose feet are in stuffy shoes and are prone to bad foot odour, or for anyone who must wear boots and other restricting footwear.

Works well with Gehwol Deodorant Spray and Fusskraft Herbal Footbath for particularly problem sweaty and odour prone feet.


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