For feet and hands only

A concentrated footbath, Gehwol’s specialist Herbal Bath tackles the most difficult hardened, cracked and toughened skin problems. A minimum soak time of 10-15mins in no more than about 2-3 litres of water will begin to noticeably soften the dry skin and impact the toughened skin areas. This results in an immediate sensation of comfort for the feet and prepares the feet for further treatment. Buffing and professional removal (where appropriate) of some of the dry skin is made much easier after a soak with Herbal Bath. The skin is also primed to receive and utilise the benefits of the effective ingredients of the chosen Gehwol treatment products to follow.

In addition to it’s direct effect on dry skin, Gehwol’s Herbal Bath also intensively cleans and deodorises the feet and hands and should precede every treatment or consultation done by the professional.

Your treatment results can not only be enhanced by use of this product, but you will also be introducing an “experience” into your services which can add to the positive memory of the treatment you offer.

Herbal Bath also helps target foot perspiration and foot odour. Perspiration may be reduced and foot odour problems helped.

A soak in Gehwol’s Herbal Bath is pleasant to the senses, as it boasts the delightfully fresh and invigorating oils of thyme, rosemary, lavender and pine. The freshness experienced lasts long after the feet leave the bath.

An essential clinic product, and vital homecare product for all dry skin problems.


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