Hydrolipid Lotion
This remarkable formulation helps bind moisture in the deeper layers of the skin with the proven ingredients of urea and glycerol. Their powerful moisturising effect at the deeper layers improves the critical balance of moisture needed in the cells. On the surface the skin becomes more supple and the excessive formation of hard skin is reduced.

The skin’s lipids are replenished thanks to the Jojoba and Avocado Oils and the skin feels instantly refreshed and comforted upon application.

Ceramides found in the skin are complimented by the addition of a synthetic ceramide formulation, which helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. With Hydrolipid Lotion, the skin may better resist and protect itself from drying out. Scaly skin may also be reduced and regular, daily use of Hydrolipid Lotion ensures that the skin’s

moisture and lipid balance is improved.

This product must be used morning and night to achieve best results and may be partnered alongside other Gehwol products such as the Cracked Skin Salve, the Herbal Foot Bath and the nail softener to boost results and address other foot needs.


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