Lipidro Cream
Highly recommended for Diabetics

The urea, sea buckthorn extract and avocado oil give Lipidro Cream its distinct rich texture and natural colour. Together they combine to target dryness and help the skin regain and maintain a balance of oil and water for improved skin function and greater comfort.

The fats and moisturising ingredients in Lipidro Cream provide instant comfort to dry skin and daily use of this product can help

produce noticeably softer and smoother skin within a relatively short period of time. As Lipidro begins to work in the skin and the desired balance of water and lipids develops, additional benefits are encouraged by the natural ingredients.

The Algae extract helps discourage further moisture loss and the Allantoin helps promotes skin regeneration, which improves the overall appearance and elasticity of the skin. It may also prove effective for use on amputee stumps.

Lipidro Cream is highly recommended for Diabetics. Owing to the modification of the metabolism, a side effect of diabetes, extreme care must be paid to the care of the skin of the feet. Wound healing is often impaired, the skin can be itchy and the protective wall of the skin may not function as in normal skin, which results in dry skin problems. Gehwol Lipidro Cream targets and achieves better moisture and lipid levels, with additional comfort benefits for the diabetic skin. The results therefore mean less or preferably no need to buff the diabetic skin, which is more prone to infection and slower to heal.


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