Mint Cream
For all those with feet tending dry, who also suffer tiredness and

occasional aching in the feet. A good caring cream that supports the balance of moisture in the skin to help prevent dry, rough skin. Regular use of Blue helps restore suppleness, and elasticity to the skin, thanks to the lanolin content. Dry skin begins to feel less thirsty and becomes softer.

Daily use helps the feet feel more comfortable and fresh especially when wearing closed shoes. A hint of Menthol leaves a pleasant fragrance, renewed freshness and offers some relief to tired feet.

Fusskraft Blue ingredients also have the added benefit of helping to reduce foot perspiration and go some way towards preventing unpleasant foot odour.

Blue is a popular and effective Gehwol product for those with intermittent dryness issues, and for foot condition maintenance.

Blue is the perfect compliment to Herbal Bath, Cracked Skin Salve, Foot Deodorant Spray, and Gerlan Nail Care for care of feet with a tendency to feel tired and become dry.


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