Nail Softner
Highly recommended for suffers of ingrown nails.

The Nail Softener provides some assistance in alleviating this painful and persistent condition but is highly effective in helping prevent reformation of the problem following treatment.

Any cornification is softened and the nail is improved.

Gehwol Nail Softener is an excellent treatment before pushing back and removing cuticles. It also provides care for cuticles where calluses have formed, thus enabling the nail to grow out unobstructed. Hangnails are less likely to form and the result is softer healthier looking cuticles.

Nail softener is excellent for those with thickened and tough nails and provides needed nourishment, helping to beautify the nails and ultimately make them easier to manage.

Warning: * Avoid contact with the eyes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and seek medical advice if eyes become irritated or vision is blurred. * Keep out of reach of young children.


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