Refreshing Balm
Refreshing Balm is a wonderful product for those who suffer from aching, tired and/or burning feet. The peppermint and menthol instantly relieve and revitalize the feet. The distinct fresh fragrance is also an invigorating boost to the senses.

The lightness and noticeable viscosity of the Refreshing Balm make it especially good and able to be applied quickly for instant absorption where time or privacy is an issue.

A bonus is the immediate feeling of coolness as the product is applied, even on the hottest days. Fantastic for the summer and for those who stand a lot or wear high heels and in general all hot feet suffers. It is so light and viscous that it can even be applied over pantyhose, so is great to have at work, and in flight… a plus for any working woman, Flight attendant or of course every busy at home Mum! Men too love the lightness, fast absorption and crispness offered by the product.

Refreshing Balm is ideal for long flights to stimulate and refresh the feet, and compliments the recommended exercises airlines promote whilst in-flight… It makes a wonderful Bon Voyage or Happy Holiday gift.

This product really does give the illusion of lightness, coolness and vitality to the hottest and heaviest, tired feet. An amazing sensation packed product. Essential for the family Christmas and summer holiday period.


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