Rosemary Bath Salts
For the Feet and Body

A luxurious and relaxing dual purpose Gehwol product for use in foot baths or full body baths.

Contained in the very fine crystal powder, the Rosemary Oil is released into the bath to invigorate and stimulate circulation of the skin.

Excellent for people who are prone to cold feet and limbs. The improvement in circulation positively impacts on the appearance and vitality of the skin.

The senses are treated to the aromas of the bath and the skin feels softer and more supple, and is primed to receive the appropriate Gehwol creams. It is recommended to give the feet and body a gentle exfoliation with a mitt whilst enjoying the bath for increased benefit to the skin from the Rosemary Bath Salt ingredients.

Helps improve the softness of the skin when used weekly or as required.

Especially nice to use after travel, a hard day, physical exertion or just for general tiredness.

Makes a beautiful gift.


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