Sirus Drill
Featuring all the benefits of compact and lightweight Gerlach drill design, and powerful motor reliability with something a little bit special…thus incorporating the latest technology and treatment concept giving you the option to use a fine mist spray as you work . The mist helps prevent 99% of dust particle dispersion and provides cooling comfort to the client during treatment. A drill for the serious foot treatment specialist, Sirius offers a powerful motor with step-less control between 2,200- 42,000rpm. There is also an option to self program up to three regularly used speeds. The spray feature has its own LED display for visual assistance when adjusting spray, and can also be programmed to two favourite levels of spray. The spray quantity can be ultra fine and the 500ml spray tank offers up to 23 hours of spray time! The electric micro motor hand piece weighs just 170g and features automatic tension and integrated spray control.

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