Gehwol Extra
For everyday

This is Gehwol’s universal cream for most foot conditions. Gehwol Extra is a good choice for active individuals who are on their feet a lot. For example Mums, Kids and Posties, Couriers, Aerobic Instructors, Builders etc can all benefit from the uplifting sensation, light deodorising action, friction prevention and moisture enhancing qualities. Lanolin in Gehwol Extra enables it to be prescribed as an alternative Gehwol maintenance product to Foot Balm to help care for the feet everyday to help prevent dryness, and guard against common skin disorders, callus and hardened skin formulation. In a maintenance program for active feet, Sports Extra should be prescribed with the Gehwol Foot Deodorant Spray for best results.

For specific sports use : designed for use with the Gehwol Foot Cream, as a unique duo of products for feet before, during and after sports and exercise.

Gehwol Extra boasts many of the same active ingredients as the Gehwol Foot Cream, however its readily absorbing formula and easy to use application, make it more suitable for post exercise and for everyday use. Apply before light exercise, and/or immediately following more rigorous exercise, Gehwol Extra should be applied to the feet to reduce the sensation of strain and tiredness of the feet.

The caring ingredients also help protect against possible foot perspiration and offer the skin nourishment and hydration to preserve skin condition.

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