Gehwol Foot Cream
The ultimate foot protection and preservation cream for when the skin and foot is placed under stress. Gehwol Foot Cream is an essential product for preparation of the feet before any sports, exercise, tramping or distance walking. The complex formula offers the foot a complete care package that enables the skin to better prepare for the endurance and demands of stressful activity and strain. It is deodorising, nourishing, caring and revitalising to the feet and has that lovely trademark fragrance of the Gehwol blend of essential oils.

The thick texture and rich composition ensures that a little of the product goes a long way. Less is required when massaging Gehwol Foot Cream into the feet in the first stage of preparation before walking, exercise or sports. (Note the initial resistance of the product to be absorbed when first applied.) This is what makes it so effective against blisters and chaffing injury for the second stage of preparation. This is when a visible thickened layer of the cream is applied to target areas of the feet. This thick layer of cream is then protected with either a soft fine leather patch or plasters under socks.

The formula of the Gehwol Foot Cream helps prevent friction caused by rubbing by allowing a slip surface to occur. This is a truly remarkable action offered by this product.

A unique quality of the product is the warming sensation it offers the skin to help guard against cold feet brought about from excessive foot perspiration, often experienced during exercise. It also encourages improved circulation.

Gehwol Foot Cream might also prove suitable for other situations where chaffing may occur, such as from carrying backpacks to riding a bike. Great for those first few days of wearing new shoes and high heels and is ideal for walkers!

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