Warming Balm
This unique product has been formulated to assist those who are prone to cold feet. The key ingredients of paprika and rosemary help promote and stimulate circulation. They also make the cream feel warm to the skin when applied.

Warming Balm does not warm the feet by increasing their temperature, but rather the proven ingredients have been carefully chosen to offer protection against cold feet by targeting circulation and caring for the skin.

Feet prone to the cold are therefore better equipped and prepared to tackle the cold. Warming Balm is highly effective and a popular choice for those who live in cold climates or who regular suffer icy cold feet!

To increase and prolong the sensation of warmth given off by the Warming Balm, it is recommended to prepare the feet with the Gehwol Foot bath, or Rosemary bath Salts.

Sports Extra may also be used in conjunction with Warming Balm for those who exercise yet still suffer cold feet.

An essential product for the elderly!




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